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Eastern Touch, 2022

Video 8 min 2 sec

‘Eastern Touch’ - a fluid and murky weave of fragmented footage, uninhabited by conventional boundaries, is an exploration of identity from a transcultural perspective. Dressed in a humorous and awkward guise, this work paradoxically comes from a longing for connection, in a place of displacement. What can be described as a moving-image collage, is made by forcibly stitching and patching together an accumulation of personal video clips, performances, re-enactments of re-imagined memories, and shared content sourced from family group chats and social media. All the components communicate moments of encounters with sentimentally charged imagery, objects, sounds and narratives, culturally significant and familiar to Mojdehi. From this, an archive of encounters is built – a counter knowledge system that offers a sense of belonging and home, for those adrift.